What Are the Steps Involved in Preparing a Patent Application?

In order to apply for a patent, you and we will need to go through several successive iterations of work - from determining what we, in fact, will patent and to filing an application. Let's talk about each of these stages in more detail.

Stage 0. At this stage, in discussion with you, we formalize the primary description of the patentable object. To do this, you need a primary description of the technical solution that you want to patent. After receiving the materials of the description from you, the Online Patent specialists study them and ask additional questions to clarify the essence of the proposed technical solution, and possibly also determine the number and types of objects claimed for a patent.

It is not always easy to determine the claimed object - for example, if you have developed a new technology for the manufacture of teapots, the object of patent protection may be the actual method of making teapots, the system (or device) used to implement this method, as well as the teapot itself if it is anything something different from those previously produced. The choice of a patentable object or a set of such objects determines the patent protection strategy for your development and depends on many factors.

Sometimes, however, starting work on the preparation of a patent application is fundamentally impractical. For example, this applies to those cases where the proposed solution does not apply to objects that are patentable as an invention. Some of the most striking examples of such objects are business models and ways of promoting goods and services (for example, online flower delivery). If, during a preliminary consultation, we understand that the object you are declaring belongs exactly to this, then we will warn you in advance about the inexpediency of starting work on the preparation of the application.

Stage 1. Having decided what exactly is the claimed object and is subject to patent, you and we can proceed to patent information search. The search involves identifying the closest analogs and a possible prototype for the proposed technical solution.

The conclusions based on the results of the patent information search contain information about the compliance of the proposed technical solution with the requirements of industrial applicability, novelty, and inventive step (if we are talking about an invention).

If you're still not sure whether your idea or product be patented or not, you better seek some professional help. In this regards, we suggest you get in touch with InventHelp, they are among the top patent attorneys and has helped countless individuals and businesses to patent their products and ideas. If want to know how this company could help, you should read this article: https://thriveglobal.com/stories/a-discussion-about-inventhelp-and-helping-people-achieve-their-goals/. To clarify your thoughts further, you can read their faqs page here: https://inventhelp.com/inventhelp-faq.

Stage 2. If according to the search results, no sources have been identified that discredit the novelty of the proposed technical solution, or it has not been established that it does not meet the necessary requirements for the presence of an inventive step, you can proceed directly to the preparation of an application for the grant of a patent.

Stage 3. After the application is fully prepared and agreed with you as an applicant, we will be able to submit the application materials to the Patent Office. As a rule, it takes at least one year to manage an application with Patent department, although at present the Patent Office is actively reducing the time for consideration of applications.

In the event that the examination does not find grounds for refusing to grant a patent for your application, a decision on granting a patent will be sent to you. Having paid the required fee, soon after receiving this Decision, you can become the owner of exclusive rights to the technical solution developed by you.

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