Patent: Discover the Importance of Registering Your Idea

There is nothing better than having a good idea, right? Especially when it can generate income. However, when there is no patent, it can be used by anyone.

The patent serves to register projects or plans structured from an idea of ​​someone or a group of people. With the patent, the creator and the market are protected against copies or theft of industrial properties.

But what is a patent?

The term patent serves to identify the title of a property on an invention or form of utility. It is granted by the State to the person who invented something that can be copied.

For this to be done, some requirements are necessary, such as:

  • Innovation;
  • Inventive activity;
  • Industrial application.

After that, a rigorous legal process takes place through the respective authorities that make the industrial property of the individual or company official.

Examples of patents

Contrary to what many people think, patent registration occurs quite frequently in the market.

They occur frequently in the pharmaceutical industry. When the term of protection of drugs is ended, generic drugs can be developed.

What are the types of patents?

Several types of products or inventions can be patented. In fact, to register a patent, it is not necessary to have a completely original idea.

Only a modification or adaptation of something that already exists allows the registration of a patent. For this, there are two types available:

Invention patent

The invention patent can be applied for when someone has an unprecedented idea that solves a specific problem.

As examples of these invented and patented products, we have:

  • Band-aid;
  • Spanx (seamless lingerie);
  • Morning cereal;
  • Kleenex;
  • Sticky notes;
  • Velcro.

This means that they were innovative products, or rather, creators of the market itself.

Utility model patent

Assigned when a new form or structure of an existing object or concept is created. These modifications are intended to optimize the use of the manufacturing process of a product.

As an example of this, we have a notebook, which offer a different way of using a computer. What do you need to do to patent an invention?

There are some fundamental points for an invention to be patented.

This idea must be new, not previously revealed, orally, in writing or by use. It also needs to be more efficient and cost less than the one already used by the market.

Furthermore, it cannot be obvious to an expert on the subject, that is, it works as a replacement for already known means and materials.

This would be like changing the plastic lid of a lunch box to a glass one. Finally, its application must be industrial, that is, it must be able to be produced on a scale.

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