Do You Have To Send Large Files? We Tell You The Best Ways To Do It

It has surely happened to you that trying to send an email you get an error because the attachments are too large or that, wanting to share a video on WhatsApp, you have to cut it because it is too long. In this sense, sending large files becomes a real communication challenge, especially if you are one of those users who seek to maintain the good quality of the documents when transferring them.

We want to provide you with multiple tools so that, when you have to send large files, you do it in the simplest and fastest way possible. If you share many documents in your day to day, we advise you not to stop reading because these tips will be useful to send from family photos to work reports.

Free file submission tools

It is not necessary to allocate money to have elements that allow you to share large files on your smartphone or computer. In fact, below we will tell you about multiple options that are totally and completely free. Take note!


WeTransfer is an application that offers, since 2009, a very effective transfer service. You can use this system by downloading it on your phone or even accessing it through its website. The first step is to create your account and upload the files you want to share to the company's cloud. They can weigh up to 2GB at most and be shared up to 20 times simultaneously. Then, a link will be generated so that the recipient can download the documents. It is valid for 7 days. Finally, after the period of one week, for security reasons the files are deleted without leaving any trace.

This application allows users, regardless of the device they use, to transfer data and files in a completely secure way, which makes it ideal for sharing files from the mobile phone. This is guaranteed because the platform generates encryption while sharing the file. For free, you can file transfer of up to 5 GB, and you can get more with the paid plans.


Another popular alternative is cloud storage systems like Dropbox, this type of service was made with the purpose of having a backup of your files wherever you go but we can also use it to share access to folders and files with other people. For this, we will need to create an account or use our Gmail to enter, once inside we can upload our files and decide with whom to share them. Unlike Wetransfer and Filemail, Dropbox documents are not deleted over time, which makes it ideal if you prefer to have a backup.

How to send large files by Gmail Outlook?

Finally, from email accounts such as Hotmail or Gmail, storage services called Onedrive and Google Drive were created and which are, like Dropbox, cloud storage services which provide around 15GB of free space where You can save documents and share them with the desired people very quickly and easily to access you only need to occupy your email account in the corresponding service and you will be ready to upload your files and thus share them with whoever you want.

How to load large files quickly?

Are you having trouble uploading your files? The services we have just shared will help you send heavy documents over the internet, but loading them will probably be slow if you don't have a connection that allows you to browse quickly and safely. Follow these tips to improve your loading speed:

Close tabs and apps: Each tab and app that you have open occupies the internet, if you want the load to be as fast as possible, make sure that other windows or applications in the background do not run that make your device slow down.

Low WiFi signal: If you have connectivity problems, it is best to move as close to the source of the signal, avoid obstacles that may prevent the signal from reaching your device.

It occupies a cable connection: The cable connection is the safest way to guarantee that the highest internet speed is delivered to your device, for them you will need a network cable long enough to connect your computer to the router or modem and so on increase your loading speed.