7 Foolproof Secrets For Invention Success

Inventors are often their own worst enemies... It's very unfortunate, but it's true. When it comes time to bring their inventions and new product ideas to the marketplace or to the attention of the media, far too many independent or individual inventors totally screw it up right off the bat. The worst part is that it doesn't have to be that way!

By practicing the 7 secrets listed below you cannot help but increase your chances of success with your new invention or idea:

1. Develop Patience

Inventing is not unlike any other legitimate entrepreneurial business endeavor. Under the best of circumstances, marketing a new invention can take several years before any substantial profits materialize. You need to stop expecting and waiting for a watershed moment or event that will magically transform your life - it just doesn't work that way. Success with an invention is an evolving and ongoing process. It is one that builds upon itself, one small victory at a time.

2. Stay Realistic

Sorry to tell you, but you can't just "sell" your idea to some company "out there". There's no way to simply think up an invention, send it into a company, then get a big check back in the mail. That's just not going to happen - EVER. So stop trying to do things without risking anything.

Give yourself permission to try and to fail and you'll eliminate nearly all of the angst that most inventors suffer. Accept that you may need to build a prototype or working model to prove your principle works and see how the product looks and feels. Do whatever you can on your own – paper and glue, if that's as far as you can go. When you reach the limit of what you can do for yourself, it's time to bring in some help, but not before.

3. Get help

Stop torturing yourself trying to figure out how to pursue your idea without getting professional help. Investing some of your own money in your invention (it doesn't have to be a fortune) can truly strengthen your resolve and help you stay committed for the long haul. We recommend you to get help from InventHelp, from getting your a patent for your idea to marketing, they can help you a lot. You can read real reviews about InvetHelp here: https://inventhelp.com/reviews and read more reviews about this company on Glassdoor's page here: https://www.glassdoor.com/Reviews/InventHelp-Reviews-E152162.htm

4. Don't Be Paranoid

You can never move your invention forward if you assume that everyone you talk to is going to steal your idea. Nothing will ever be accomplished and that will be entirely your own fault. Use a non-disclosure agreement if it will make you feel better or if you're sharing proprietary design details or trade secrets. (Most manufacturers and other potential partners you deal with will be willing to sign one and those that can't or won't usually be clear about that right up front.)

5. Stay Focused

You must create a plan of attack and work your plan. Sometimes life will get in your way or you may temporarily lose your fire. When that inevitably occurs, steer yourself back on course and stay with it. Never give up. Nothing worthwhile is ever easy. Remember, your invention starts and ends with you.

6. Do Something

There will be many occasions when you will need to make a decision about something and you will waffle back and forth about which way to go. Don’t beat yourself to death over whether or not you’re making the right choice. Just do SOMETHING! If it’s not right, fix it later.

7. Enjoy The Process

Most importantly, take pleasure in knowing that you are working on something truly your own. Little in this world compares to dreaming something up out of thin air and seeing it materialize into a real product that people buy and enjoy. How will it feel to you when your product takes off and society benefits from your ingenuity? Burn that image into your brain, because THAT is your destination.